I’m interested in the intersection between design, travel and business.

I love design! I’m a print designer and I’d say my eyeballs are on point. I can spot a double space from 2 meters and guess the typeface in 3 seconds. But – I dislike clients, sitting still, having a desk and staring at a screen, so I had to get creative. I’m also interested in lifestyle design, so it makes perfect sense to push the concept of ‘designer’ a little further.

Travel has always been my first love. Aged four, I smugly showed my granny how to do up her seat belt on the plane. Aged nine, I had been to five out of seven continents, and at 18 I bought a one way plane ticket from my tiny village in the UK to big sunny Australia, never to return. Since then I have been on countless adventures, been to 40+ countries, spent seven years solo on the road and incorporate travel into my life in any way I can.

But here’s the clincher – it’s on a tight budget. And I mean tight AF. Business wise I’m VERY creative in how things are done – partly, because I have no idea what I’m doing, and partly, I think that naivety and resourcefulness will get you a long way, mixed with a ton of enthusiasm and you’re good to go. NOT going to business school has been a real plus, and just looking at things in the most efficient, effective and FUN way has lead to some great results (think hitch-hiking for 3 months around New Zealand for “work”). I’m obsessed with business models, how you can hack systems and leverage what you have, even if it isn’t much at all.

I now run a remote 23 person team from the back of my RV, which actually broke down too! I travel the world 10 months a year, have a company (The Design Kids) that helps 100,000 people graduate into awesome design jobs and soon to own two properties outright. I’m about to launch a restaurant, start a furniture company and set up base in the Californian desert. Welcome to Frankie Friday’s (blog coming October 2016).

Companies, magazines & awards.

Companies I’ve worked along side:
Tractor, Apple, Creative Mornings, Supergraph, Frost*, Semi Permanent, Herschel Supply Co, Aus Infront, Desktop Magazine, Shillington CollegeAGDA, Finders Keepers, Billy Blue College of Design, Buro North, Inspire 9, and a few more

Places my work has been featured:
Pencil vs Pixel podcast (2016),
The Collective (2016), Desktop Magazine (2015), AIGA (2015), The Walz Happens (2015), Tractor (2015), Studio Home NZ (2015), NZ Herald (2015), ADR podcast (2015), Smith Journal (2014), IdN Magazine (2013), The Gold Coast Magazine (2013), Formfiftyfive (2013), Oh 8 Blog (2013), Aus Infront 2012 – 2014), No Cure Magazine (2013), Frankie Magazine (2013), Collective Magazine (2013), The Native Press (2012), InsideOut Magazine (2012), Frankie Magazine (2010), and The Brag (2010).

Awards and achievements:
AGDA Awards 2016 judge (2016),  Creative Mornings Milwaukee speaker (2016), Ligature Conference speaker and judge at University of Florida (2016), judging Decks For Change Melbourne (2016),  Pedestrian TV – Top 33 Digital Influences in Australia (2015), judging the ISTD Awards (2014), AGDA Awards (2012), Desktop Create Awards (2011), AGDA Awards (2010), Graphic Design Annual gold award (with the Frost* team), Create Awards (2010), AGDA Awards (2008), MADC Award Best Student (2008), Runner up in the Ignite Best On Show Folio (2007), Finalist in the Lab 3000 Student Awards (2007), Grenadi Design School Student of the Year (2004).

Speaking Engagements.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve spoken at 50+  design schoolsconferences, colleges, organisations, meet-ups, studiosonline lectures and universities. I’m on a mission to make the Graphic Design industry globally more connected and collaborative for students. I’m high energy, and the feedback from organisations, lecturers and students is always extremely positive.

For all booking enquires please email hello@thedesignkids.org



Nice words people have said

“Frankie has enough energy to power a small city. She’s brilliantly insane.”
Ben Johnston, CEO, Josephmark

“Frankie exudes positivity that is contagious. It inspired her students and those who worked with her. An inspired designer with a get up off your arse and do something attitude.”
Lee Nicol, Lecturer, Shillington College

“Your enthusiasm is amazing and I wish I could bottle it and let students taste it on special occasions. It is rare, something very precious and I thank you again.”
Brendan Hibbert, AGDA, WA