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Some folks who've liked the teaching and the space...


THANK YOU! I really felt lucky to have stumbled into "The Yoga Studio".
I thoroughly enjoyed the positive nature of your classes
and feel like I have learned some things that I would not have been able to
in any other yoga studio. All the instruction at the Studio really provided a
fruitful yoga experience for me prior to my teacher training which is where
I am off to now.
Your regular students established a very warm and sweet community both
within and outside the Studio, making me really feel at home here in Chiang Mai.
Wishing you abundant blessings,
Eric (USA)


This is Lionel.
Just wanted to thank you again for the great Yoga seminar you offered.
Hard to imagine a better first yoga experience. You are the teacher I
was looking for.
I think I'd like to go to India maybe next year to do yoga. I'll
contact you again if things materialize for suggestions on places and
teachers, in case if I can't follow you wherever you go.
Best of luck and happiness to you.
Lionel  (Cranio-sacral therapist, Tokyo).

I was just browsing the site for your studio and it inspired to me send you
this quick note to say hello from Toronto. I wanted to say that I really
loved attending your yoga classes earlier this year and that it inspired me
to continue on with yoga. I recently found a studio here in Toronto which I
think will be good for me.
Take care,



Thank you so much for a great practice today. I am not really used to practicing with props...our classes usually are vinyasas that flow rather quickly. I love it! Your studio is beautiful and your guidance joyful.
I was wondering if you do at all private lessons? I will try to make it to the schedule sessions.



Hi there - hope this finds you well!
I was attending classes at your studio over several weeks
- you may remember I had to rush back to London unexpectedly as my mother
was unwell.
I really enjoyed practicing with you and miss my days in Chiang Mai
on a daily basis. I've tried out a few classes back here in London but haven't yet found a
teacher that lives up to you. Admittedly, practicing here will
probably never live up to the energy of the grounds of an ancient wat in
southeast asia - it's a very special spot you have there! It occured to me
you may know of a good teacher in central london.
Is there anyone you could recommend?
Thanks for your time and take good care.
Namaste, Kappy


Dear Ajan,
I somehow believe in synchronicity and i was indeed very fortunate to have met you. I am continuing with the practice and trying to do bits and pieces of what you have taught me on certain parts of the day. A million thanks for setting aside that time for me and really listening and paying attention. Thanks for the website too!
I am looking forward to being able to attend your classes again. Actually it would be great if you could have a workshop in Hanoi...I could help explore that possibility for you if you like.
All the best,


I want to send you this greeting; and also i want to thank you from my heart, that you are who you are. Thank you for your extraordinary kindness and helpfulness. It has amazed me more than once; and it was so very beneficial and pleasure, to experience that such is still there.
I wish for you all the best.
Also, of course, thank you for the yoga lessons.
Perhaps one day i'll come back Chiang Mai
and may good things be on your path!!


Just to say goodbye really. We had intended to come to another class but somehow other things caught up with us and we didn't get there before we had to leave and come home. Now we are back in the freezing cold UK and thinking of you all in that blissful warmth. Thank you so much for your classes - we loved them and the atmosphere you created in them and feel the benefit though we only came to a few.
George and Marion Aldis


Just a note to tell you that

1.) I feel absolutely wonderful today. Last night I
went to sleep at 4 am, wrote letters, cleaned the
house, etc. Backbends.

2.) I am lucky to have you as our yoga teacher. I
appreciate your kind, gentle and inspiring teaching.

Thank you so much for your diligence and



Hello! I have been back here in Taos, New Mexico for a month now. I enjoyed yoga classes with you so very much, thank you again. Those classes and your approach to teaching has inspired me to come back into a regular personal yoga practice, and I have been practicing pranayama daily too, still using the notes from your class as well as researching through Light on Pranayama and other yoga books.
The experience also inspired me to find a great teacher closer to home than Chiang Mai! I have begun taking classes from Tias Little. He teaches in Santa Fe, 2 hours….
Thak you again, Bonnie


Has it really been over six weeks since John and I dined with you, Oh at Aum? I am amazed at the passing of time. I sit here in the Chennai airport awaiting my flight back to California. I have been reflecting on my trip to Chiang Mai and of course have thought of you, your wonderful classes and the studio.
Thank you for creating such a lovely place for travelling Yogis to practice and for offering for me to take part in it. I hope that is something I can do next time I am in Chiang Mai.