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FEBUARY and onwards

17th & 18th February

Saturday & Sunday 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Rhythmic Radiance

6 hours of Yoga and Dance

A workshop with Lauren Brown

Cost : 1000 baht


Lauren has studied yoga and dance in Bali, Thailand, and America. She teaches regularly at the Yoga Studio in Chiang Mai.. Her focus fuses breath, yoga, 5 Rhythms dance, and sound in an innovative way and she looks forward to sharing her passion with you.
Lauren is also lead vocalist for FUNKIN DONUTS at, Chiang Mai's original funk band.

All curious beings, please contact Lauren on 0841 752 755
or email



Notes and thoughts from earlier in the year....

Celebrating the Goddess: A Yoga & Meditation Retreat for Women
with Sara Avant Stover

Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14, 2007


Modern Dance workshop
with Daisy Stoloff dancer/choreographer from San Fransisco

the workshop with include bar and floor work, improv. and choreography

May 2006

Feel the Fire A weekend of intense yoga practice with Adam was well attended and I think much enjoyed. We are looking to have a longer time together, maybe 4 or 5 days next time. Adam is now in the US and Canada where he continues his studies and practice of Hakomi mindfulness-based self-inquiry and therapy.

He also will be teaching some Yoga workshops there and hopes to have the opportunity to develop some personal growth workshops weaving yoga and Hakomi together...

Nov '05
*****A big thank you to Emil for such a wonderful and inspiring retreat. It helped us b
roaden our concept of what yoga practice is and gave us a taste of the nectar of stillness. We look forward to seeing you again next year.*****


December '05: Sara is now back to bring her fresh crop of insights and understandings after a summer season assisting many major teachers in the US and elsewhere. She is offering some great workshops (see below) and will be teaching some of the regular classes.

    September22nd '05
I'm now back from the  USA where I've been immersing myself in my ongoing study and practice of Hakomi mindfulness based self-inquiry. A wonderful method of assisted self-study and discovery. I hope to get the opportunity to share some of this work with you over the coming year. It weaves in with yoga practice so beautifully.

I want to thank Sandra who has been such a warm and caring presence during her stay as the principal yoga teacher during my absence. I know many people will miss her, and probably go and study with her in India, to where she returns soon. We wish here all the best and hope she will return next year grace us with her knowledge and gentleness.

Mark, our Pilates teacher is back from Canada and classes are now up and running again. Now even more classes are on the schedule to make it easier for you to benefit.

Some more nice surprises in the pipeline -- not confirmed as yet, so keep watching!

Notes from before: July 2005
It's been a busy season, with a lot of interesting stuff going on. On the yoga front, we've had some visiting Viniyoga eachers in from the USA who taught a weekend workshop. Sara and Jonas have led various events, retreats, workshops, partners days. We all miss Sara's regular classes, and the light but committed spirit she brings to them. They are both now back into their busy schedules in the US and elsewhere, but should be back in November. I (Adam) have even managed to squeeze in the occasional workshop, most notably the "Feel the Fire" intensive recently, which I certainly enjoyed, as did the participants, I think. This may become a regular monthly event, where we can get together for some intense practise, and look at Pranayamas and Asanas that don't often get covered.
   The workshop that Mark Elsner taught end of May was well attended and a real pearl of learning for all of us. We managed to persuade him to stay around and continue teaching the Level 2 classes for the whole of June. These were extremely enjoyable and informed, as well as being an intense workout. Nice one, and thanks, Mark.
   On other fronts, Josh gave us a great time with his salsa classes. He, and they, will be missed and we hope he will be ack next season to whirl 'n' twirl us with some hot latin moves.
   Christina is moving on, back to California. Her popular weekly Pilates classes have been a great addition to the Studio, giving an intense core workout! Again, we hope she'll be back next season.
    Since then Mark has taken over teaching Pilates, upping the number of classes to 3 per week, and building a loyal following. He too is back to Canada but promises to return more permanently in September.
   Oh, and thanks to Toni from NewYork City who brought us a full-on weekend of Pilates way back in November.
    We also had a dance/movement workshop hosted by Sandra from Mexico....
    So it's a more quiet time here in Chiang Mai as tourists and residents drift off. Regular classes are continuing, and John is promising to return to give us good pointers on the meditation side in Sept/Oct.
    I'm in communication with various people who are interested in coming and teaching, so I'll keep you up to date just assoon as anything's definite --- it looks like this winter is going to be an extremely busy time at the Studio....
   July 21st I am travelling to Australia and the USA wher I continue deepening into Hakomi mindfulness-based Psychotherapy practice until mid-September. We are very fortunate to have Sandra taking over the classes in the interim.

Keep practising, and I wish you all the best of happiness and health. Namaste, Adam.